Aug 28, 2012

LOVE KATO - part 5 - Juliusza Ligonia's street

In series of 7 posts dedicated to very special place called my hometown,
I will try to visually & by the power of words convince you to love KATOWICE
to come here often , spend here as much time as possible
and without fail trust it's inner and outer beauty.

Let me know if I succeed

and for sure you are welcomed to contact me
if any questions or an urgent need for sightseeing with a native ;)


Juliusza Ligonia's STREET
short text & bad quality photos by : Natalis- Girl With Dali Mustache.

Until 1922 & in 1939-1945 called " Charlottenstraße".
Personally i prefer to call it Charlotte

Sweet as sweetest dessert,
has Ch.Brontë's talent to share interesting stories
torn from the upper branches of real life.

She's kind of shy at the beginning
but do walk her right and she'll bring you unnamed pleasures.

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