Aug 23, 2012


In series of 7 posts dedicated to very special place called my hometown,
I will try to visually & by the power of words convince you to love KATOWICE
to come here often , spend here as much time as possible
and without fail trust it's inner and outer beauty.

Let me know if I succeed

and for sure you are welcomed to contact me
if any questions or an urgent need for sightseeing with a native ;)


text by : Natalis- Girl With Dali Mustache.

Behold the sleeping Antique Beauty!

Longing for times of glory,
abandoned and betrayed so many times,
despite all the humiliation and attacks
-still trying to proudly face the Dworcowa street,visitors and locals.

The saddest BUKA-alike building in the entire city.
I am afraid of it yet I can't get my eyes off of it.
I'm scared & in love at the same time.
I'm waiting for winter to see it's snowy dress.
It's better than to see it naked.

Built in 1846 looking poorly ,it's final visage was not complete until 1906.

Too small for developing city it was replaced by a new railway station building in 1972.
( which by the way now is turning into a shopping centre and
loosing almost all of the previous drunken charm )

Throughout 2009-2011 several attempts and actions
to save STARY DWORZEC from breaking into pieces
have put it's great importance to the attention of Kato citizens.

Ideas varied.
From to adapt it as a casino,
throughout a spot for short music festivals,
to a night club & art gallery
- still it's future is misty like it's appearance.

Get in the mist
& swim across effluence of it's spirit !

Oh... the pure JOY

bad quality photos by :
Natalis- Girl With Dali Mustache.

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