Apr 28, 2010

2+5 = 7

" The future enters into us,
in order to transform itself in us,
long before it happens.


Apr 24, 2010

Particle strikes !

You can find out more and see clearly this
Beauty Queen
(everyday something new)

And i highly recommend this site :


for any of you out there , who always wanted to
explore universe,
but never was good at math to study science...

this post is created thanks to my will of exploring
and thanks to somebody's blog where i found about
zooniverse project.

Apr 20, 2010

Pseudo-Artworks 49 , Tiger-Lillies

" Tiger-Lillies "
oil on canvas 40x50
stain on brain 100%

Post inspirowany :

(" Well,
let's not start sucking each other's dicks quite yet..."
Pulp Fiction )

Apr 17, 2010

Apr 14, 2010


what birds plunge through is not the intimate space,
in which you see all Forms intensified.
(In the Open, denied, you would lose yourself,
would disappear into that vastness.)

Space reaches from us and translates Things:
to become the very essence of a tree,
throw inner space around it, from that space
that lives in you. Encircle it with restraint.
It has no limits. For the first time, shaped
in your renouncing, it becomes fully tree.

Rainer Maria Rilke

Submitted and Translated by Gabriel Caffrey

Apr 7, 2010

Apr 5, 2010

i will return

funny what things i remember
and what of them i forget
i can still remember
as i walked through ground of Iceland
and maybe i forget some things
too fast

last few months were a true waste of time
-time that does not exist
: therefore there was no waste at all.

i travel around making sure that people ain't no good.
and from my travels i can only say
that people ain't no good if i show my weakness
those who do not take advantage from my weakness
are called stupid, or friends.
those who took advantage
i forget

come and look straight into my weakness
into my forgetting

what will you say?

this feeling , with icecold wind in my hair,
with icecold ground under my feet
with whispering mind
"will i return home?"
"am i home ?"
strenght from awareness of not knowing

and still Iceland sings to me
will i return

Hve blásnautt er hjarta sem einskis saknar