May 31, 2009

5 signs to know You're MAD

1) Your dog is baking Your favorite tart

2) There's something strange in your
childhood's pictures

3) You look different in the mirror

4) You make 10 new friends in 5 minutes

5) Your desk-lamp is really annoying

If at least 2 points are familiar to You,
call Your boss and ask for vacation,
becouse there's no doubt that

desk lamp made by mad natalis

May 30, 2009

Pseudo-poetry with madness

najcenniejsze co mam
to obłęd
dzieciństwo bawiące się guzikami
moje dłonie może i są inne
ale wciąż trzymają złote loki
które rozpływają się w miód
kiedy cienie rozpływają się w źrenicach

najcenniejsze co mam
to obłęd
ten słodkoszelmowski smak
na językach rzęs
kiedy czas zapomina zapukać
przedstawić się przez telefon
ściągnąć skarpetek gdy wchodzi do łóżka

moje półkule parzą się ku czci
nieskoordynowanych uśmiechów
jak szympansy bonobo
i w trakcie posiłku

język już nie leży krzyżem

May 29, 2009

Pseudo-Artworks 34 Arctic-Eye




animals-taken from
google images
re-worked by natalis
background taken in Iceland by natalis

i must remember those 3 things
i got on my icy-journey

and not to give it away

May 28, 2009

Pseudo-Artworks 33 DREAM no.7

below-making of...

still wet.

DREAM no.7
my first big-canvas painting.

oil on canvas 100x70

May 27, 2009

Pseudo-Artworks 32 Kabbalah

tools: photoshop and 10 of my lovely fingers

dla K.-
-za zimę z kabałą w tle
za wiosnę moich tętnic.


May 21, 2009

May 20, 2009

Pseudo-Artworks 31 GIRLZ WANNA BE WOW

magazines shows us how to be WOW

1) hard to get

2) funky

they are our paper-mothers and shiny-fathers

be wild they say

be cool


open-minded and open-pocket(ed)

be yourself only try to look like us

it's cheap !

Love us as we love your money

May 18, 2009

May 17, 2009

Pseudo-Artworks 30 G.O.A.F

this one was improved with photoshop
personally i think it's better like this.

"Ghosts Of Aokigahara's Forest"
original oil on canvas 40X50

so...born from a dream
exists in my room now.

it's the first time
i did not struggle to paint perfectly.
It's as shadowy as it was in my mind.
I did not mind when a bit of paint
got into other shape
than it was supposed to..

and i would go crazy in early days
if that happened

so it's my personal succes in:
"chill out while painting"

and what the he..
i will never get this perfection
of Michelangelo, or Salvadore....
so it must be enough for me
that at least i know
names of colours i use


May 16, 2009

Ghosts of Aokigahara's forest


also known as the Sea of Trees
is a forest that lies at the base
of Mount Fuji in Japan
The caverns found in this forest
are rocky and ice-covered annually.
It has been claimed by local residents
and visitors that the woods are host
to a great amount of paranormal phenomena."


May 14, 2009

day after... :)

well hello there :)
i just wanted to show You how it is with me...
yesterday i made some photos of my lovely feet
today, one of them isn't that lovely any more.

the story goes like this:

i went to the pub i'm working in yesterday,
just to take my payment for previous month,
so i just sat there and talk to my friend,
i got an sms from my very good friend from Iceland,
she wrote me that in 9 minutes i should tell 9 sisters
that i love them, and then something good will happen.
(i know it's stupid, but sometimes i believe in those things)

so i rushed out to buy a telephone card and hit
OPEN WOODEN door of pub.
and yeah...
in 9 minutes my foot grew to a size of
but i'm thinking ...maybe it was good.
lately i've been very tired working
and wanted some break.
so watch out what You're asking for, 'cause
You might just get it....

i will be here more often now,
and finally i will have some time
to make my new pseudo-artworks.
so see Ya soon

Yours superstitious Natalis