Oct 13, 2013

Kasia Mila Marcin

Moja siostra,szwagier i siostrzenica w nowym teledysku Myslovitz :)

Miłość ! :)

Sep 12, 2013


I do like the idea that there may be an infinite number of parallel universes, and we just happen to live in one of them.But have you ever wondered if there is another "you" living simultaneously somewhere on this planet , in this very moment ? 

Not me. At least not till now. My friend who lives in London found "me" on an advert... and it is amazing to see for the first time in my life somebody who looks identically as my reflection in the morning ( except for cool coffee mug and a cool cellphone) 

Now i'll tell you what i'm going to do...I will contact the company from this ad. and ask if they can at least let me know where is this girl from.Then I will announce in her city that i'm looking for her...I will meet her and ... i don't know yet what will happen... but this is my goal ...To find my DOPPELGANGER ! 

I hope she dances just like me 

Wish me luck !