Feb 18, 2013

For F&#$ sake ! Hitler on abortion and smoking...

Poster " Abortion for Polish women-legalized by Hitler in 1943."

So.. I am not anti or pro, IMO it depends on the situation. 

If this organization is anti, it should provide a support to all women 
who are pregnant and need a support, right ? 
Well wrong, they prefer to scare women with a bloody Hitler poster. 

Before putting such poster in the city next to a church , this organization should provide a SUPPORT to women that they are trying to scare!!! Either it's financial or organizational -such as contacting adoption center or a family who can take care of the baby no matter what. 

The child can be a vegetable, but it has the right to live,
so "living" is also a definition of not being able to "live" on your own ? 
To suffer and die in early age just because some people say the abortion is "BAD" ? 

Put a poster with children who don't make it alive unless supported by machines and endless  injections, who suffer and are never able to "live" in a full definition. Put a poster with the president of your organization next to the picture of this child and a statement that he will pay for each medication and treatment this child needs every day and that he will be there next to the child on a daily basis. 

Is this PRO-PRAWO DO ŻYCIA foundation ( "Right to  Live") helping children on a daily basis? I don't know. I did no research, maybe they do - and that would be GOOD.
Bless you if you do that.

However the poster is BAD
I can't even think of reasons why to choose such a stupid slogan.

You know what else Hitler did? 
He was often considered to be the first national leader to advocate nonsmoking.

Should we all start smoking, because Hitler himself thought it was bad? 

For f&#$ sake people ! You're doing it WRONG !!!

Kra krak ! 16.02.2013

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