Aug 22, 2012

LOVE KATO - part 1 - TYLNA MARIACKA street

In series of 7 posts dedicated to very special place called my hometown,
I will try to visually & by the power of words convince you to love KATOWICE
to come here often , spend here as much time as possible
and without fail trust it's inner and outer beauty.

Let me know if I succeed

and for sure you are welcomed to contact me
if any questions or an urgent need for sightseeing with a native ;)


text by : Natalis- Girl With Dali Mustache.

Tylna Mariacka is located in the city centre,
parallel to main Mariacka street.

Tylna Mariacka may seem less attended than the main Mariacka street
but not only it's visual quality is way much more interesting.

Wicked situations happen here after midnight,
mainly related to an intervention of people in black uniforms...
-but also literally magical things like pink-dressed fairy visits,
turning water into wine and meeting a ghost of hooker named LALA
in one of the sinister backyards.

Let's dig some of the visual quality:

Below hen's cross-section mural was made by artist ARYZ
during Katowice Street Art Festival in 2011
and is for sure one of the most colorful & wicked in the whole city.

View how the work was done here

Together with damaged and stressed apartment houses
you will also discover this year's 3rd award for the best mural in the city.
The author of this doubled beauty is a Belgian artist ROA
-whose other truly genius artworks can be viewed here .

Check him out, check Tylna Mariacka and don't hesitate to fall in love with it !

bad quality photos by :
Natalis- Girl With Dali Mustache.

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