Aug 27, 2012

LOVE KATO - part 4 - Tadeusza Kościuszki's street

In series of 7 posts dedicated to very special place called my hometown,
I will try to visually & by the power of words convince you to love KATOWICE
to come here often , spend here as much time as possible
and without fail trust it's inner and outer beauty.

Let me know if I succeed

and for sure you are welcomed to contact me
if any questions or an urgent need for sightseeing with a native ;)


Tadeusza Kościuszki's STREET
short text & bad quality photos by : Natalis- Girl With Dali Mustache.

The longest street in the city.
The longer, the more to see, the more to walk around and enjoy.
How about I give you some bad quality and reworked photos
and you'll do the remaining work of research and interpretation ?

nobody said life will be easy

Let me just mention that this is the most that you can get of
the vintage look of our common lover Kato.
Bite it, chew it, get mad - and most of all
beware of the native Jabberwockies... Boo !

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