Jun 29, 2008

Aphrodite's daughter 5

It's too late now to meet Norma.
To see how she acts in Norma(l)life.
Is she similar to Marilyn?
She was playing her roles with all her heart,
but she was not a typical blonde.
She was made.
Made by herself, and that is a really big thing.
Love her for Marilyn,and what she did with men.
Love her for Norma's eyes on every picture,
her beautiful voice
and wisdom.

She's my hero
I would sacrifice all
just to have a chance to talk to her for 5 minutes.
Talk to Norma.

Aphrodite's daughter 4

Aphrodite's daughter 3

Aphrodite's daughter 2

Aphrodite's daughter


trying to look like
those girls in 50's...

Marilyn's style
why not?