Jun 24, 2009


so again...
last day here
it's 7th time i'm moving out this year.
Starting work at friday, so i will be
visiting all of You less often from now.
Have a great month of July all of You


Jun 22, 2009

Pseudo-Artworks 36 IMPROVINTUITION

sometimes i create an image
without any plan
just by intuition
i let my hands do half of the sketch
without any help of my eyes

and it's very often
that i'm more happy about an image
born like this
than born from a specific thought

oh...and today is exactly 2 weeks
since i quit smoking.
isn't that neat,mint,crazy
super-duper bling-bling ? :)

special thanks to my dear J
for support.

Jun 21, 2009


pictures taken by me,
reworked by me also :)

I'm much into my inner-self lately
i feel like some kind of things
that happen to me are significant
and i can understand them better

today i found out
that every line
and every shadow
and every shape
and every colour
(not to mention sounds)
on a "picture"
( i'm talking about paintings,
photographs and films)
is important for me

(and that means i have an equal interest
on all 'till i study them good)

i really enjoy jumping from
place to place
over and over
to stop my eye on one thing
and then search for another
slowly become a part of whole picture
to be born again by somebody else's art
to give birth to my own piece of "art"

i really like this idea...

i want to refer that kind of perception
to life's totality.

it's still to come for me.

what about You?
are You focused on
every colour life brings to You ?

Jun 14, 2009

Bless the day He came...

"Freedom is not worth having
if it does not include
the freedom to make mistakes"

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Jun 13, 2009

Girls just wanna have fun...still on 1 leg.

"Grief can take care of itself,
but to get the full value of joy
you must have somebody
to divide it with."

- Mark Twain

" 150 zyli za same ubranka,
mówię jasne,
dołożę 200 i mam rolki..."


dzięki dziewczęęęta!!!

Bob dla Was