Aug 24, 2012

LOVE KATO - part 3 - WOJEWÓDZKA street

In series of 7 posts dedicated to very special place called my hometown,
I will try to visually & by the power of words convince you to love KATOWICE
to come here often , spend here as much time as possible
and without fail trust it's inner and outer beauty.

Let me know if I succeed

and for sure you are welcomed to contact me
if any questions or an urgent need for sightseeing with a native ;)


text & bad quality photos by : Natalis- Girl With Dali Mustache.

Wojewódzka street starts from the intersection
of the Jan Kochanowski street ,Kosciuszko street and St. John's street,
next to the Rialto Theatre Cinema-
( built in the same year that Titanic lost it's battle with an iceberg)
-and the railway viaduct.

It's quite long, filled with miscellaneous, young people hidden in their apartment houses glued to apple monitors or with their nose in a book.
Old people buying milk and bread in the nearby "żabka" network store ,
talking about latest news on their body's condition.If living at the end of the street, they also probably have an honor to listen to various sounds coming out of the superb building of University of Music.

Throughout 1900-1939 Wojewódzka was a home for 3 hotels ,
Saw & Tools factory " Globus", printing house, asylum , school , editorial office , restaurants , coffee shop , Alois Hermstein's dairy , pharmacy "Under Providence" ,Metallurgical Plant "Torpedo"
and even - oh dear infinite universe - CHOCOLATE FACTORY !
( not the Willy Wonka's one unfortunately )

Filled with historical record, a walk taken on Wojewódzka's pavements is like discovering a drawing of an engine for a time machine.

We still need to build the engine based on the drawing, and figure out how the rest of the machine should work , but with a little help of imagination it's more than possible.

Don't forget to sneak into all these interesting side-alleys where the most tasty flesh of the city can be found and eaten with no cutlery or manners.

I wish you a yummy journey

When Willy Wonka (Gene Wilder) drinks from a flower-shaped cup and then eats the cup, the cup itself was made of wax. Gene Wilder had to chew the wax pieces until the end of the take, at which point he spat them out.


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