Apr 28, 2009

D's Dreaming (sketches)

" I passed by his garden,
and marked with one eye,
How the Owl and Panther
were sharing a pie:
The Panther took pie-crust,
and gravy and meat,
While the Owl had the dish
as its share of the treat.
When the pie was all finished,
the Owl as a boon,
Was kindly permitted
to pocket the spoon:
While the Panther received
knife and fork with a growl,
And concluded the banquet --"

for D :)

W podzięce...

dziękuję Wam moje kochane za cudowny wieczór
Waszą tożsamość na zdjęciach mam nadzieję
pomyślnie ukryłam, więc bez reklamacji!

dziękuję że JESTEŚCIE


Apr 15, 2009

Pseudo-Artworks 28 DODO BIRD

those 2 changed in photoshop

original oil on canvas 45x60

and my filler is wasted...:

Apr 14, 2009

Pre-DO DO BIRD-view 2

so...this is how it looks after 3 hours.
now it must dry for few hours,
so see ya 2morrow !

okey dokey

Pre-DO DO BIRD-view

those are just sketches
to oil "DO DO BIRD"
that is going to be ready tomorrow...
hopefully :)

so keep Your fingers crossed for me today.
let's begin!

and here another human beeing
though i don't know if he is a human after all...
another one that i admire lately:
(it's a long story so grab some jawbreakers! )

Apr 7, 2009

Pseudo-Artworks 27 REMAIN SILENT



thanks to this man i'm still alive
and still i am a witch,
but now
more conscious

so i do remain silent