Aug 29, 2010


Coming to an end - another Tauron Festival at KWK Katowice Poland,
Two days of live performances waking up good vibes inside brains of Silesian people
and guests from abroad - who were very welcome :)

thanks to EMMA
despite some organisational difficulties and delays...

line-up for next year ?
I think we cannot go without DUB MAFIA !
the only band that made me dance like a crazy squirrel

last performance still to come ,
today at Galeria Szyb Wilson,

20.00 - Prefuse 73 & Aukso Orchestra:
"The Predicate Compositions" -
An exploration in orchestral
and preparedelectro acoustic movements.

i'll see you there !

Aug 9, 2010

Off Festiwal - day 3- IT WAS A BOMB!!!

From tender sounds to a loud colourful good-bye party
That was THE BEST music event i have ever seen.

Merci Luc- nie byłoby tak dobrze, gdyby nie Ty :)