May 17, 2009

Pseudo-Artworks 30 G.O.A.F

this one was improved with photoshop
personally i think it's better like this.

"Ghosts Of Aokigahara's Forest"
original oil on canvas 40X50

so...born from a dream
exists in my room now.

it's the first time
i did not struggle to paint perfectly.
It's as shadowy as it was in my mind.
I did not mind when a bit of paint
got into other shape
than it was supposed to..

and i would go crazy in early days
if that happened

so it's my personal succes in:
"chill out while painting"

and what the he..
i will never get this perfection
of Michelangelo, or Salvadore....
so it must be enough for me
that at least i know
names of colours i use



Hermes said...

Works really well. I love the connection between them and the colours. Well done. A dream come true.

Natalis said...

all my dreams come true :)
thanks Hermes

pro:me:us said...

when I look at this painting it somehow reminds me the photos I commented on... 'heands' between the fingers...

Natalis said...

interesting insight.

Natalis said...

i can see it now !

hah, splendid&strange