May 14, 2009

day after... :)

well hello there :)
i just wanted to show You how it is with me...
yesterday i made some photos of my lovely feet
today, one of them isn't that lovely any more.

the story goes like this:

i went to the pub i'm working in yesterday,
just to take my payment for previous month,
so i just sat there and talk to my friend,
i got an sms from my very good friend from Iceland,
she wrote me that in 9 minutes i should tell 9 sisters
that i love them, and then something good will happen.
(i know it's stupid, but sometimes i believe in those things)

so i rushed out to buy a telephone card and hit
OPEN WOODEN door of pub.
and yeah...
in 9 minutes my foot grew to a size of
but i'm thinking ...maybe it was good.
lately i've been very tired working
and wanted some break.
so watch out what You're asking for, 'cause
You might just get it....

i will be here more often now,
and finally i will have some time
to make my new pseudo-artworks.
so see Ya soon

Yours superstitious Natalis


Hermes said...

Love the new header.
Sorry about your foot, but sometimes fate works in mysterious ways.

Natalis said...

thanks Hermes, it's ok, i just learned it's no good to hurry...;)

Anonymous said...

you poor girl! i miss you!!!'

Natalis said...

hah, D it's hard to move around on my hand's strenght only. now i know how hard it is for other i've learned something again :) i miss You too.

Kempes said...

Siema! No widze, ze dopadło Cie nieszczeście związane z nogą. Zycze szybkiego powrotu do zdrowia! O co chodzi w Twoim komentarzu do "Koala Boy" logos bloga?

Natalis said...

chodzi że zajebisty logos, poza nowymi szkicami... :) wybacz moją niewyparzoną gorącym mlekiem matki GEMBE


noga nie zając, nie ucieknie, bobków nie produkuje, wyzdrowieje ...

podziwiam Twoją kreskę,potencjał.
trzymam kciuki za Twój rozwój.

RUDHI-Daily said...

Get well soon, Natalis!

Natalis said...

hah..Rudhi thanks, hopefully i will!