May 31, 2009

5 signs to know You're MAD

1) Your dog is baking Your favorite tart

2) There's something strange in your
childhood's pictures

3) You look different in the mirror

4) You make 10 new friends in 5 minutes

5) Your desk-lamp is really annoying

If at least 2 points are familiar to You,
call Your boss and ask for vacation,
becouse there's no doubt that

desk lamp made by mad natalis

6 comments: said...

You rock!!!

I love the main photo!!!

Hermes said...

Funny, and love the new header.

Silver Knight said...

cute childhood pic!
I love those 10 new friends!
and hope you're not goin' mad!

:) said...

chupu chupu deka deki!!!

Natalis said...

hah! wybornie Jaan Pehechaan Ho Ho Ho

edith said...

I like the first one and the last,and the image from the header is beutiful!!