Aug 22, 2008


wiem, że pracuję tu dopiero 2 tygodnie
ale naprawdę to lubię.

I niech mi ktoś powie,
że mi to nie pasuje :)

a w styczniu kombek na wyspę.
hip hip hurra!!!

ps: uwaga uwaga
moja życiowa konkluzja
"jak ja kocham kurwa życie..."

i know i'm working in this bar
only 2 weeks, but i really like it.
and nobody will tell me
i'm not right for this kind of job!
yeah...and in a few months...
if everything will be ok
i will come back to my second home.
yeaaaah baby


Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

osAlways it is a real pleasure to have yourself in my blog, I happen to greet you in yours and of step to throw a glimpse
The embraced one of your friend of Reus

Hermes said...

Bar work is okay, if hard, but Iceland sounds really good. Glad for you to have something great to look forward too.

Natalis said...

Te- it's so good to have an embraced friend like You :)

Hermes- Thankyou , i will try to go there again , just to see my dear friend i've missed so long.