May 10, 2008

Public Kindergarden

Through the window there is a view...yard, playground, public kindergarden's area.
In this kindergarden is a cross-section.
Cross your brain and make a section.Once it was your time. Your kindergarden.
Cross-section.Social.Especially when it's time to run. Time to be on the "fresh" air.

-youwillgoandrun, we'regoingtocatchfreshair...

-miss!!!is this air it outdated?

-...andyouwillrun beforedinnerisready


-the swing is mine!

-and mine is the blue chute!


They're off.They are more or less 20. It's hard to tell, 'cause once it's more (during the running)
and once it's less (during seek and hide).Oh...there's one little smartpants girl...
She took jumping-rope. The Queen of playground.Rest of kids are watching her with jealousy
and with eyebrow's disgust they are trying to call her bad names as many times as possible.
There comes new-ones.More or less 18.The older-ones.Older-ones-bounce.
They watch as juniors run.Run around chute.Run after ball.
Run for a candy from a stranger on the other side of the fence.Run.
It's crazy, deadly, it's rats-race.
You've fallen on the ground? Well no shit.There's nobody to help you.
MISS now separates girls, fighting for jumping-rope.Little black mambas.
Kids are still running.So you have to get up and try to catch-up with them. Or else- YOU'LL DIE.
It's nothing if you've just shited your nice white pants with grass and mud.
Run Run Run.
Around, along, across.Haunted run of dumbledores.Oh.. allright..little flyes.
Run Run Run. There are new friendships.One of the older-, der, older-ones is in love with junior girl.
He's running after her and beats her with his fist.She's yelling but not with any belief.
The second older-one is repeating his ritual day by day.Walking, attacking, asking.

-will you go with me to the yellow swing-ship?

And so when there is one complete idiot, complete sucker who thinks it would be fun-
then the horror starts.
Older-one is making swing-ship go so fast, that it's really unbelievable that the kid is still sitting
and what's more- with clean pants...



There must be an order.Shouldn't this running cloud,(swinging, crying and pissing in it's pants)be called A FUTURE?
It's future society.
MISS is guiding,correcting and punishing.

-robertpleasegetoutnow from theswing

-but miiiss!!!

-isaid...getoutnow you'reswingingtoolong lettheothers play. Run Run Run

Triples, by fours and twentys.
Further, faster, till you break your neck.

-who's first at the feence!


Fat, old beam, who's husband is suffering from prostate.
She's getting rid of her frustration by yelling on kids.

-begood!don't rundon't rundon't run!Don't fight!

Run Run Run
Merry-go-round, overspeeded, overpowered, overdreamed.

Older girls are swinging younger.
-foretaste of motherhood.
Older boys are fighting with younger.
-foretaste of paternity.
Less shy, under stairs...they are looking at themselves.
Showing each-other what they have under pants and skirts.


There goes MISS again.But she did the same thing in their age.Almost everybody done that.

-show me what you have and i'll show you mine!

-Miiiss!!!Miss!I think Marianne is sick or smthng...she has no penis...

Attacking the swings.Stupidity.For half an hour they were empty,dead,but now..
one movement..of one little girl..and there you have it.Large beehive is coming.
When nobody is swinging, then nobody is swinging.
But when at least one girl, one boy...then you're an idiot,lame duck if you won't go after them.
MISSIS are standing.Three of them.They are pretending to watch over,to keep an eye on.
But it's nothing bad if they are discussing head-mistress's menopause's after effects.
And her badly taste of course.

Kids...I don't have anything bad on mind about them.I like kids.



uncontaminated with this all stupidity, this running inside of closed space.Like ZOO.
For the pleasure of pedophiles,and window-sill's crones.
Run Run Run
Mad chase into the green chute.Just like it was going to explode in one minute, or get underground.
Just like their all life would depend from the fastest getting there.


Those kids will go crazy.
They think(and bad for them but they think correct)that this game was given to them only for a second.
Now or never.Only for a moment.And they run.
Run Run Run
Becouse the time has come.Time to go back to the cold walls, to the sleeping-bags and bean-soup with some hair of kitchen chef- Ben. To boring songs about fancy-worked handkerchiefs, which you throw
under somebody's legs, like a challenge,like a glove.
Run, madness, cross-section.

Here boys,there girls.
Here mommies,there lesbians.
Here dictator,there prisoner.
Here dolly,there ugly duck.
Here exhibitionism,there racism.
Run Run Run

A Boy talking with a tree.

He stopped and started to talk,he talks,he hugs,he's licking the cork,gesticulates.He talks.
That's my boy.My blood.



-miiisss!he took my baaall!!!

Combining,informing,brutalizing,pictures chalked on the beton.
Run Run Run
Huging and pulling the tress,skirts and ribbons.
Weddings,divorces,division of property.
Next victim of older-one boy who's running merry-go-round into speed of light.

-Group!!! We're goingtoeatsome dinner onetwothreefouronetwothreefour!!!

-first is the greatest last is stuuupid!




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I've tried to translate my short tale the best i could...hope it would not be worth just a fig...