Jun 22, 2009

Pseudo-Artworks 36 IMPROVINTUITION

sometimes i create an image
without any plan
just by intuition
i let my hands do half of the sketch
without any help of my eyes

and it's very often
that i'm more happy about an image
born like this
than born from a specific thought

oh...and today is exactly 2 weeks
since i quit smoking.
isn't that neat,mint,crazy
super-duper bling-bling ? :)

special thanks to my dear J
for support.


Hermes said...

Great use of colour again, be inspired, it works well. And congratulations on the smoking, you'll be able to taste again.

Natalis said...

yeay ! Thanks Hermes :)

Anonymous said...

i miss you Nat! when will you be on gmail?

Natalis said...

heh, miss You too contrlf, see Ya soon :)