Apr 12, 2010

expressis verbis / memoirs


sweet childhood's days


Hermes said...

I hadn't seen the Pearl Jam one before - great stuff. Is that Richard Dawkins amongst your heroes. He has threatened to arrest the Pope when he comes to the UK - which I personally fully support.

Natalis said...

Yes, Richard is my hero ,
because of talking about matters, that nobody talks about in such wide range, and for his strenght in discovering...

did he? ! :)

...splendid ! :)

Hermes said...


I have very odd spiritual beliefs N. as I don't believe in a God but do think their is something intelligent in the universe as a whole which responds to human thought. Have you ever read 'The Holographic Universe' or a much older book 'The Kybalion' which looks at the work labeled 'Thrice Great Hermes'. I was involved with Buddhism and perhaps an odd mixture - Theosophy for many years and no doubt they still influence me. Anyway I like many of your heroes too.

Natalis said...

well..let me do some research then.
I am still impecunious in such wisdom, therefore i am gratefull that you sacrificed your precious time to hand me down this info !
Herm, also You are my hero, you know ? :)

Hermes said...

Thanks N. Find your own path but it's worth looking at where others have gone before, if only to reject it. I tried a lot of paths and I'm not saying I'm right but many were great fun - a few frightening.

Natalis said...

as for this article...it remainded me of one quote from Umberto Eco's "The name of the rose" (i will try to translate it, 'cause i know it only in polish)

" The number of the beast ,if you read it in greek alphabet is Benedicti "

did You see " Deliver us from Evil" document?

Hermes said...

Thanks. Not seen the documentary. My Aunt is a Catholic and she put me off anything to do with them. Loved 'Name of the Rose'. You probably know the old story. Man (could be a woman of course) goes to heaven and as an Angel shows him around they tiptoe past one room. Why ? The Angel says - that's the Catholics, they think they're the only ones here.

Natalis said...

oh yes... that's a great piece.
and i am definitely going to buy or borrow

this book