Nov 25, 2008

Pseudo-Artworks 16

those above are sketches
to my "self-portrait of madness"
which will be released tomorrow
when oil colours would dry...

i hope

powyżej szkice do :
"autoportret szaleństwa"

który ukaże się jutro
jak już farba wyschnie

mam nadzieję


Anonymous said...

your use charcoal takes advantage of the striking contrasts you create, have you seen:

I love cats too.

Natalis said... i've seen it.
thanks for a clue...
awesome job done there.

thanks 4all !

Hermes said...

These have such life and movement N. I don't really understand your latest videos but that is just me and if they help you express what you are going through.

Natalis said...

I'm just in love with sounds Hermes, even those which are annoying to other people. And Mike Patton is a ghod as it is for sound-making.
Thanks for comment ! :)

Natalis said...