Oct 28, 2008

Pseudo-Artworks 13

about my love for her & her
and for colours & sounds



Defiance Of God said...

Hey Natalis.

Love your site. Think it's very cool. The pictures are very moody.
This is all good.
I'm a student goth and in a band.
Follow my life as it explodes!
Dani x

Natalis said...

well it should explode infinitely You know...;)
bang bang bang bang bang

thanks for comment

Hermes said...

Great picture and strangely I love Bjork too - her voice is like a painting. She would make a great character in Alice.

Natalis said...

oh yes she would ... :)

Defiance Of God said...

No songs yet! Hey Natalis. We're preparing to upload 3 songs by mid November. One will be Twilight Song - based on the book/movie. Another will be quite different - Meat.
Apps for the delay - rest assured the songs will come!
Dani x

Natalis said...

ok Dani, thanks for info, i will sure check it out in November :) and holding my fingers 4U :)

Anonymous said...

your blog is wonderful. I love Bjork, so I love you.